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With a Paw Kids® bandanna, you will never again have to tie a bandanna on your pet’s neck and risk your pet getting a leg or jaw caught in the material, or chewing and swallowing it. Paw Kids Unique ‘no tie’ Pet Bandannas® slip right onto your pet’s collar!The Paw Kids Unique ‘no tie’ Pet Bandannas® are all hand made in the USA with fabrics obtained through local corporate and private suppliers and are never foreign made. Our bandanna materials are selected from a wide variety of styles, all 100% cotton.

Paw Kids Unique ‘no tie’ Pet Bandannas® also provides terrific no tie bow ties and straight ties made with the same fabric and manufacturing process. We even give you the opportunity to own a fleece pillow sporting your favorite team. You and/or your pet will enjoy the comfort of our pillow during that game.

Paw Kids Unique ‘no tie’ Pet Bandannas® will also receive your special order request, and we never charge for shipping. We thank you for visiting our Paw Kids Unique ‘no tie’ Pet Bandannas® website and encourage you to try one or more of our Unique ‘no tie’ Bandannas® or other products.

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